Repetition and Performances

Dolmen Corporation was founded on December 1992 and re-registered in line with the Republic of Lebanon regulation.

Started as a small family business in 1992, has since designed and built many of the most complex commercial and industrial Electrical and renewable energy projects in Lebanon.

Our projects feature essential electrical, communications, transmissions, substations and renewable energy that were designed, installed, and continue to be maintained by Dolmen Corporation Contractors.

The company is classified as a member of:

  • The Electricity of Lebanon.
  • Ordre des ingénieurs first category
  • Contractors syndicate first category
  • Chamber of commerce zahleh & bekaa excellent category
  • Ministry of public works first category
  • Ministry of Water and Electricity Resources First category
  • LCEC
    • Constantly look for ways to improve, to grow and to reduce our impact on the environment.
    • We continue to drive forward, offering new technology, products and business methods related to Electricity, transformers, substations, network transmissions, cabling and components for low, mid and high voltages).
    • Dolmen Corporation will strive to be best in-class as a service provider in line with the worldwide standardization and best practices.
    • Make it happen.