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by Delta Services-Lebanon S.A.L.

is a shisha head designed for single use. It is filled with molasses free tar, and instead contains honey and anise.

1-Easy to use: the head is made, filled and packaged, and arrives to your hands ready to use instantly. So you don’t have to worry anymore about staining your hands or your clothes with tobacco.

2-It is easily thrown right after the use, so no need to wash it or clean it. And this comes with few more advantages such as:

    • The flavor of the molasses in TIC-TAC SHISHA is safely preserved unlike the pottery head used hundreds of times with multiple flavors.
    • You can make sure you are using a clean and sterilized head, free of the residues of the tar and the other kinds of toxic substances that piles up in the normal head one use after another.

3-TIC-TAC SHISHA is available in a wide range of authentic and new flavors such as: two apples, grapes, watermelon, redbull and much much more.